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1914 Germany-Afrikaner Boer Agreement

1914 Germany-Afrikaner Boer Agreement

1914 Germany-Afrikaner Boer Agreement

To all the people of the white race all over the world, most of all to the German nation:

This is an important agreement concerning the South African Boer people and the German nation. It has to do with an agreement between the Boer rebels and the German troops in South West Africa.

The Boer rebels were lead by leaders of the Afrikaaner nation (General Manie Maritz, General S. G. Maritz, General Koss DeLaRey) and who also fought against the English in the Second Anglo-Boer war from 1899 – 1902, where the Afrikaaner nation under their president Paul Kruger were completely humiliated by the English when they were forced to sign the Treaty of Vereeniging in 1902.

The atrocities committed against the Boers in the concentration camps were horriffic to say the least, and at least 30000 Boer women and Children were driven from their farms…

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